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REGIONAL CLE - Farmington
DWI, Native Culture, Cross-Exam & Digital Evidence
July 14, 2017
San Juan College
4601 College Blvd, Room 9006
Farmington, NM  87402
5.0 General, 1.0 Ethics/Professionalism CLE Credits

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9:00-9:30         REGISRATION

9:30-10:45      Cross Examine: Kids, Cops and Medical Experts (lecture and demos) - Learn how to stop before you get the answer you don't want and how to accumulate positive information to use on your closing. How to ask questions of an expert without sounding like an academic and how to manage a child witness under the age of 18. This session will include demos of cross of a medical expert and a child. Meredith Baker, Law Office of Meredith Baker, LLC, Albuquerque

10:45-11:00     BREAK

11:00-12:15     Digital Evidence and Criminal Defense - Digital evidence, such as forensic analysis of computers, cell phone extractions, 3-D scanning, cell tower dumps, Facebook records, and other evidence derived from digital devices, is a goldmine for prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. It is critical for criminal defense attorneys to understand the strengths and limitations of digital evidence and how to use or undercut this evidence at trial. In particular, child pornography cases revolve almost exclusively around digital evidence. This session addresses digital evidence from the crime to the courtroom, especially as applied to child pornography cases. Chris Dodd, Law Office of the Public Defender, Albuquerque

12:15-1:15       LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:15-2:15         NHTSA Manual Update - An informative and critical review of the changes to the NHTSA manuals from 09 updates through the current 2015 Manual. Ways to use the training manual contents to your advantage when cross examining law enforcement. Nathan Pederson, Rasheed & Associates, PC, Albuquerque

2:15-3:15          Native American Culture and Communication (E/P) Perspectives on native culture that can help during interviews, plea negotiations and relationships with your clients and their families. Urban Native Americans vs reservation Native Americans, the role family plays in plea negotiations, and how to be culturally sensitive. This professionalism session addresses the responsibility of the lawyer to employ effective client communications and client relations.
Kathy Bowman, Director & Attorney, Office of the Navajo Public Defender, Window Rock, AZ;
Rosa Maria Cortez, Staff Attorney, Office of the Navajo Public Defender, Window Rock, AZ;
Laurie Knight, Attorney & Mitigation Specialist, Santa Fe;
Toni Etsitty, Public Information Officer, Department for Self Reliance, Window Rock, AZ

3:15-3:30          BREAK

3:30-4:00          Caselaw Update - How the USSC decision in Birchfield v. North Dakota is effecting defendants in New Mexico. Nathan Pederson, Rasheed & Associates, PC, Albuquerque

4:00- 5:00         From the Bench
Views from sitting judges, with Q and A.
Judge Bradford J. Dalley, Eleventh Judicial District Court, Aztec;
Judge Rena Scott, San Juan County Magistrate Court, Aztec

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