4 Investigates: Darian Bashir, the man accused of murdering UNM baseball player

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Darian Bashir is behind bars now, but only after he was accused of killing UNM athlete Jackson Weller

Earlier this year on February 12, Bashir picked up a felony charge for shooting out of a motor vehicle.

In September 2018, Bashir was also charged with shooting a man in the stomach.

Judge Cindy Leos dismissed the September case. In her dismissal order, she noted:

  • DA’s office missed deadlines
  • DA’s office did not arrange witness interviews 
  • DA’s office did not properly request warrants
  • At least once, the assistant district attorney assigned to the case failed to show up to court 

The president-elect of the New Mexico Defense Attorney’s Association Richard Pugh said that failings of the District Attorney’s Office matter. He said that if prosecutors had done a better job, Bashir’s February arrest might have been considered a violation of his supervision and maybe Bashir would have been in jail the night he allegedly killed Weller. 

District Attorney Raul Torrez didn’t make excuses for the failures, but he disagrees that the failures caused the dismissal. Torrez said the case simply wasn’t ready for trial.

“At the end of the day, we expect more from attorneys and we want them to be able to meet the demands of the case volume,” Torrez said. “But without cooperative witnesses, we’re not able to move forward.”

Judge Brett Loveless considered the May killing a violation of Bashir’s release conditions in the February case. 

Chris Ramirez goes through the timeline of Bashir’s criminal cases in the video above.