2019.12.6 – Advanced Program and Practicum on Jury Selection – Members only – 6 CLE Credits


2019 Advanced Program and Practicum on Jury Selection
December 6, 2019 – 4.0 General and 2.0 Ethics/Professionalism CLE Credits

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Preparing for Voir Dire: Laying The Foundation and Organizing Your Panel
Learn how to get more information through pre-trial questionnaires, organize the panel for efficient questioning and maximize use of your time by using a grading system.
Carey Bhalla, Albuquerque

Implicit Bias:  Tools to Identify and Minimize Jurors’ Bias Against Our Clients
Although biases are universal, some biases, especially racial biases can be greatly detrimental to our clients and affect our client’s right to a fair and impartial jury.  We will discuss some tools that can help minimize this bias.
Irma Rivas and Aric Elsenheimer, Assistant Federal Public Defenders, Abq   

Jury Selection in Sex Offense Cases
Learn how to select a jury in the most sensitive types of cases, including both adult and child sex cases.  Discussion of how to dodge the landmines and get prospective jurors to open up about how they really feel both before and during voir dire.
Heather LeBlanc, Law Office of the Public Defender, Albuquerque

Defender Wellness Lunch – Helping the Helpers
Overview of compassion fatigue with an emphasis of skills and techniques that defenders can use in their daily lives.
Sheila Ciminera, LCSW and Megan Leschak, Social Worker, Law Office of the Public Defender, Albuquerque

(Ethics/Professionalism) The Ethics of Investigating Jurors: How Far is Too Far?
For big cases and little cases, how far can you investigate a juror’s background and what level of surveillance is ethical? Tips for walking up to the line and ways to ethically search social media. Includes suggestions for services available to help you investigate potential jurors’ background.
Dan Berg, Paralegal, Federal Defender Department, Albuquerque; and Alejandro Fernandez, Assistant Federal Defender, Albuquerque

Skills Sharpening Breakout Sessions – Issue-Focused Jury Selection
Participants will break into small groups to discuss questions and to practice techniques for selecting jurors in challenging cases.
Facilitators: Heather LeBlanc; Jonathan Ibarra

(Ethics/Professionalism) Jury Trauma: Recognizing What and When Case Facts May Affect Your Jurors
Learn ways to pick and prepare a jury to  manage exposure to trauma in the courtroom.
Kathy Wayland, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Albuquerque; Jeff Rein, District Defender, Law Office of the Public Defender