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Welcome to the New Mexico Criminal Defense
Lawyers Association


“The assistance of counsel is one of the safeguards of the
Sixth Amendment deemed necessary to insure fundamental
rights of life and liberty”

Justice Hugo Black, United States Supreme Court

NMCDLA is the single most important organization for any legal professional involved in the defense of the accused in the New Mexico Criminal Justice system. By working together, we insure that we’re never left to stand alone against the forces of government. We are a voluntary professional association of public and private criminal defense lawyers, law students. legal assistants and other criminal defense team members who stand together in their commitment to safeguard the constitutional guarantees of fairness in the criminal justice process. With more than 500 members in New Mexico, NMCDLA is affiliated with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers based in Washington, D.C., which represents over 13,000 direct members and another 35,000 members in its state and local affiliates. 

NMCDLA makes its voice heard in the courts, the legislature and the community for fair and effective criminal justice for all of our citizens. It provides support to its members in the representation of their individual clients, stands by its members who find themselves unfairly under attack for fulfilling their obligations as counsel for the accused, and provides continuing legal education programs to enhance the legal skills of its members. NMCDLA maintains constant communication within the New Mexico defense community through newsletters and an internet listserve network. It provides a range of opportunities for its members to be involved in the work, whether on the board of directors, as officers, as members of numerous working committees, or other service options.


Mission Statement: The New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association provides support, education and training for attorneys who represent persons accused of crime.  NMCDLA also advocates fair and effective criminal justice in the courts, the legislature and in the community.