The New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association provides support, education and training for attorneys who represent persons accused of crime. NMCDLA also advocates fair and effective criminal justice in the courts, the legislature and in the community.

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NMCDLA makes a NM Supreme Court Recommendation

NMCDLA recommends to the NM Supreme Court that criminal justice participants immediately take steps to identify vulnerable people in the jails who can be released in this time of emergency.

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New Mexico In Depth asks “Gov says NM is prepared for COVID-19, but what about jails and prisons?”

Jennifer Burrill, Vice president of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, took a moment to answer questions on the issue and express some concerns via phone interview.

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40 years later, the system is not all right

40 years post-NM prison riot, conditions still cause brutality and call for attention. NMCDLA's past president, Matt Coyte, listened to the KANW and Albuquerque Journal panel of lawyers, corrections and journalists discussing the riot, its anniversary and current state of affairs and responded.

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“The assistance of counsel is one of the safeguards of the Sixth Amendment deemed necessary to insure fundamental rights of life and liberty.”
– Justice Hugo Black, United States Supreme Court


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