10 Reasons Why It Just Makes Sense to Join NMCDLA:

  1. Place yourself within a strong community of criminal defense professionals who are available through email or phone via our online directory. With more than 550 members, and affiliation with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, NMCDLA provides you with an extensive network.
  2. Access the Listserve, a “Members Only” online bulletin board where you can post inquiries about judges, experts, and prosecutors; swap motions; and exchange news with other lawyers.
  3. Stay current with changes in criminal law and practice through the Association’s skill-sharpening CLE seminars, for which members receive a substantial discount. NMCDLA presents 8-10 CLEs every year featuring top criminal defense lawyers from around the state and country.
  4. Make your voice heard. By informing you of pending legislation, the Legislative Action Alert gives you the information needed to contact and influence your legislators regarding matters that affect your clients.
  5. Receive deeply discounted dues and registration to CLEs if you are a State or Federal Public Defender.
  6. Dig into NMCDLA’s Members-Only Legal Library where you can browse the motions, briefs, jury instructions, experts directory and other useful documents that can help you help your clients.
  7. Advocate vigorously knowing the Association’s Strike Force is ready to step in if you are prosecuted, harassed or subpoenaed for defending your clients.
  8. Receive periodic Case Notes with new and important case law updates from NM’s appellate courts, as well as state and federal case law updates in the Association’s bi-monthly newsletter, chock full of information to make you a better advocate.
  9. Purchase high-quality, user friendly trial products including the NHTSA training DVD and manual as well as CLE recordings for self-study.
  10. Take a break—socialize with colleagues and friends at NMCDLA’s annual summer parties and receptions.