NMCDLA’s Defender Wellness Committee recognizes that good mental, emotional, and physical health are critically important, not only in our own personal lives, but for our professional success as well. Our goal is to promote and encourage defender wellness.  Our commitment to promoting defender wellness extends to all members of our criminal defense community including: lawyers, law office staff, students, social workers, and investigators.

In order to promote and encourage the wellness of our profession we plan to focus our work on the following:  

1) Address the stigma associated with asking for help and with mental/emotional health concerns. 

2) Identify and discuss specific threats to defender wellness. 

3) Identify solutions and available resources that promote defender wellness.

4) Provide education opportunities that focus on defender wellness.

5) Provide a supportive professional network/community that prioritizes defender wellness. 

We welcome you to join us in this effort as we move forward together to improve the wellbeing of our hard-working and diverse community.

Mental Health
Physical Health
Social Wellbeing

Thank you to the South Carolina State Bar for their assistance and inspiration in setting up this list of resources